Challenging comfort, moderation, and norms

I’m still so discouraged by the level of white entitlement and prioritization of their “comfort” we still see in our community. By my “liberal” white friends who express concern about issues that are served up to them by “moderate” and right-wing media explicitly fear mongering and seeking political advantage with white outrage. These issues are not always obviously race-based, but they are 100% driven by a deep and pervasive agenda of white supremacy. To protect the same (usually male white) voices in our discourse, vs. elevating the voices of people who might have new or different or uncomfortable perspectives. To see this is never to unsee this. I do feel thankful to have the opportunity to speak up in my networks (to make a small difference there), but I feel sad at how big this fight is. How great is the personal cost to people of color, and the missed gifts and opportunities for us all. I should note that this also related to and includes the fight for climate and climate justice. I show my white privilege in having this realization as an adult vs. something that was experienced through life. Black and brown people have carried the weight of this injustice every single day and every single moment for centuries, and so must I (and we all) find the clarity and strength of spirit to stand with them. Every single day and every single moment.