Marking Up and Taking Advantage

To Whom This May Concern:

I have a bad case of housing discrimination at my apartment. My lease expires on December 19, 2021. I have a medical hardship situation where I need to move out early. I went to my current landlord, and asked for the cost to terminate my lease agreement. I was told $2,850 which does not equate to the first and last month lease amount; it’s actually is more than the original contracted rent monthly paid.
I contacted Consumer Affairs and Consumer Protection in Howard County, and spoke with a representative. She advised me what to do, and she agreed to take my case. The matter was brought before my landlord. Since that phone call, a mutual agreement was reached and I learned that I’m only
responsible for 19 days in December 2021, and I only owe $900.00, which is a “big” difference from $2,850.00! I am relieved and so glade to be leaving this apartment complex, and learned that I have other options to help fight my housing discrimination situations!

M. Bell