Let’s actually go there

I was meeting someone for first time and asking about her work in the community. A long time resident came up and started talking about how he knew her. He said that she was one of the only Hispanic leaders in Columbia and she was such an asset. She said graciously I am not one of few, I am one of many. He said we need more of you, but there just aren’t any here. It seemed both she and I reacted at same time. I said, no, that’s actually not accurate. Our Hispanic community is sizable and active here, the real question we should discuss is how to better engage and are leadership opportunities truly available widely and accessible to beyond the small group that is always seen. He responded with that wasn’t what I meant, my point is she is great. And I responded, but again, the discussion is how do we ensure more/better opportunity. He was like, I think she’s great, so great to see you both, and left. It does not seem people are willing to have the ACTUAL conversation here about HOW to change … because I’m not sure that vocal minority of long-time leaders actually want change. Well, I do.