Let’s actually go there

I was meeting someone for first time and asking about her work in the community. A long time resident came up and started talking about how he knew her. He said that she was one of the only Hispanic leaders in Columbia and she was such an asset. She said graciously I am not oneContinue reading “Let’s actually go there”

BLM march

My spouse and I attended the Black Lives Matter march that began at the Columbia Mall last year and was stunned by the turnout. My 16yo son came with us. He was very moved and inspired. We were able to stay in our car due to COVID safety, but still felt part of the community,Continue reading “BLM march”

Working together towards a common goal

A developer bought 3 houses in our neighborhood and was intent upon making a Dairy Queen in our residential area. Our entire neighborhood, very diverse, came together to petition against it and stopped the developer from going through with this plan. Many did not speak each other’s language but that did not stop us fromContinue reading “Working together towards a common goal”