Stories of Racism

Recently, a colleague informed me about antisemitic slurs she was told by another co-worker. In June, the Howard County Police Department investigated racist signs that were seen in Ellicott City. Stickers with racist messages were attached to guardrails and poles on Centennial Lane between Glastonbury Road and Centennial Lane Elementary School. In March, I readContinue reading “Stories of Racism”

Redistricting Plan

Howard County recently implemented a new redistricting plan where children from lower income neighborhoods would be bused to schools in higher income neighborhoods (and vice versa). Here are a few of the comments from Howard County residents that resulted: “Blacks destroy school systems and schools,” read one letter to county officials about the busing plan.Continue reading “Redistricting Plan”

Football Games in Howard County

I heard that there was some fighting at a football game between the fans and one of the marching bands. The fans of one team (from Clarksville) were yelling homophobic and racist things at the Marching band of another school (Columbia) The Marching band not only were yelled at, but there was also trash thrownContinue reading “Football Games in Howard County”