Marking Up and Taking Advantage

To Whom This May Concern: I have a bad case of housing discrimination at my apartment. My lease expires on December 19, 2021. I have a medical hardship situation where I need to move out early. I went to my current landlord, and asked for the cost to terminate my lease agreement. I was toldContinue reading “Marking Up and Taking Advantage”

Grocery time

I have been sticking close to home for the last few months. One of the few places I go is the grocery store. There is such a discrepancy between who is shopping and who is stocking/checking out/bagging – working hard and with long hours and probably not very significant compensation or recognition. It’s striking toContinue reading “Grocery time”

People need housing

I was asked by neighbors in my upper middle-class neighborhood to join them in opposing high-density housing nearby. They cited busy streets and schools, but I felt they were really opposing mixing of classes and that this had racist undertones. I would like for the diversity in Howard County to also include the recognition thatContinue reading “People need housing”