Story Collector

Howard County Library System is collecting stories about people’s experiences - both positive and negative - around race and other forms of identity in Howard County. Your brave voice, your story, will help us develop a better understanding of our community. We will share and use stories to help community members, leaders and others make brave choices that advance racial equity and inclusion for all. We appreciate you taking the time to participate in this important effort!

Note: Stories are shared anonymously. Names and identifiers will be removed.

Share a story of something you did or witnessed about race relations or inclusion/exclusion in Howard County that gave you hope, seemed typical, or made you think things have to change.

Optional: Share your demographic information.
Your responses inform how identities shape experiences and help us involve our full community.

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Optional: Share your contact information,
if you are willing to be contacted about your story.

Please note:

By sharing your story here you are giving Howard County Library System permission to use the content as part of its collection of local stories on racial equity and inclusion. Use may include sharing your stories with community partners, local leaders and the public. Stories are shared anonymously, with names or other identifiers of people removed from stories. HCLS will meet or exceed industry standards for data security and protection.